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The Stalking Monster, is a fictional account inspired by Tressa Graves’ ongoing stalking case. The story is of a demented stalker by the name of Rod Hunter, and his wife Cathy, who become obsessed with singer, Michelle Teague. Michelle, in fear of her life, shuts down and quits touring. After being abducted and raped, she decides to fight Rod in an attempt to move on with her life. Rod however, will not let this happen. With the help of his friends, Oli and Rian, Rod becomes even more empowered by his sick obsession.

                                                      About author Tressa Graves

A two year hiatus was forced on Tressa due to a bad stalker situation. The Police and FBI investigation is still ongoing and Tressa has struggled to overcome developed phobias and fears. However, not only has she found the strength to venture back out in public, Tressa has built a significant level of confidence in writing out her experiences in her first non-fiction, true crime story. Tressa never thought her first true crime story would be her own. The title of the book is, ‘The Stalking of Tressa Graves The MONSTER of Melbourne’ and reliving the experience is something she did not want to do. But, by suggestions of the law enforcement involved, she decided to move forward with it. The officers have said this is the worst case of stalking they’ve ever seen and suggested the story should be shared with others.


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